Microsoft End Point Protection. Better but not enough.



Microsoft has recently announced (September, 2012) the end of life (EOL) of many of its Forefront security products. It is evident that Microsoft is de-emphasizing its security offerings. The Forefront protection suite has long been a loss-leader as Microsoft bundled it in eCAL licensing and offered it for “free” as long as customers subscribed to Software Assurance. This EOL is an acknowledgement that Forefront, in particular the anti-malware components, are not of significant value to Microsoft, let alone the market. Microsoft’s message to current customers with Enterprise Client Access Licenses (eCAL) is that System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection (previously known as Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010) is FREE. From Microsoft’s documentation:

“The convergence of client management and security eliminates the expense of purchasing and maintaining separate solutions by allowing you to remove existing endpoint protection solutions and repurpose those resources elsewhere.”

Is Microsoft’s endpoint protection truly “free” or are there hidden costs? Should you really eliminate your third party AV solution? I don't think so. Read this just published white paper (no contact data collection) on the hidden costs of using Microsoft EPP.

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