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SCADA and ME reviewed by Lithuania's Defense Chief Advisor for Cybersecurity

SCADA and ME by Robert M. Lee
Reviewed  by Vytautas Butrimas, Chief adviser for Cybersecurity at Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence

Sometimes you can be dead wrong on your assumptions before starting a project.  I was once asked to write an article about the cyber security dimension of critical energy infrastructure.  Having worked in the defense and IT security policy for 23 years I thought it would be easy to apply this experience.  After all critical infrastructure operators use the same kind of IT found in Government institutions don’t they? Aren’t they worried about the same risks and threats, have the same security policies?  

To answer these questions I went to visit local operators of the electric grid, natural gas pipelines and subscribed to industry newsletters. It was a fascinating yet humbling experience for I realized I had a lot to learn.  New terms like Industrial Control Systems, SCADA, and PLC’s were unfamiliar to me.  I realized how important these control systems were to the economy and well-being of societies.  I needed to tell my colleagues that we needed to be concerned more with just protecting Government IT and public websites from cyber-attacks. 

Unfortunately I faced the challenge of bridging the gap existing between myself and my colleagues from both the IT and SCADA worlds over what we needed to protect and from what threats.   How to explain the importance of SCADA to IT security specialists and policy makers used to thinking about cybersecurity in terms of Windows PC’s and the Internet?  

IT-Harvest Press publishes first children's book on critical infrastructure protection.

Birmingham, Michigan   September 18, 2013   Technology News
SCADA and ME cover

(PRLEAP.COM) SCADA and ME: A Book For Children and Management, authored by Robert M. Lee and engagingly illustrated by Jeff Haas, is the first children's book to provide an entertaining education on the critical control systems that are embedded in every part of modern life. From oil and gas transport to electrical distribution, to hospitals, power plants, even satellites, SCADA systems pervade everything.

"As I began lecturing on critical infrastructure protection I realized that a children's book would be a perfect way to make the topic approachable," said Lee. "I hope that educators and security professionals alike will find it a valuable resource for increasing awareness of SCADA and its vulnerabilities."

"We immediately saw the value in this wonderful book." Said Samuel Linares, Director of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI) in Madrid, Spain. "We have ordered copies for every delegate to the 1st Ibero-American Industrial Cybersecurity Congress. October 2nd & 3rd. Madrid."

SCADA and ME is available today on Amazon in print and Kindle editions and is available to bookstore and library buyers. Learn more at

About the author:
Robert M. Lee is a U.S. Air Force Cyberspace Operations Officer, Adjunct Lecturer at Utica College, and Director and Founder of the non-profit educational organization hackINT. He is currently pursuing a PhD in War Studies at Kings College, London with research in control systems cybersecurity.

About The Publisher:

That's a wrap. RSA Conference 2013 is over.

The most vibrant and productive RSA conference of the decade has come to a close. The astounding attendance numbers were probably fueled by Mandiant’s ground breaking report on cyber espionage activity and even, perhaps, by President Obama’s reference to cyber security in his State of the Union Address. 

Another week of video interviews is also complete. This is the third year that IT-Harvest has been creating informative interviews with thought leaders and industry executives. Four days of sitting in front of three cameras in the biggest hotel suite in San Francisco meant I missed much of the conference. An hour on the show floor meant a dozen conversations with old friends.

Here is a complete list of the interviews we did. Stay tuned as the final production is cranked out.

Amrit Williams – Lancope
Bala Venkat – Cenzic
Bill Conner – Entrust
Chris Petersen – LogRhythm
Corey Nachreiner – Watchguard
Dan Holden – Arbor Networks
David Scholtz – Damballa
Dr. Mike Lloyd – RedSeal Networks
Gidi Cohen – Skybox Security
Gord Boyce – ForeScout
Joe Fantuzzi – Agiliance

Joel Smith – AppRiver

John Maddison – Fortinet

John Peterson – Barracuda Networks

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