IT-Harvest produces analysis and reports on security, threats, and markets available for free from several outlets including the blog, Cyber Domain blog at, and the Gerson Lehrman Group. You can engage IT-Harvest in several ways.

-Public speaking. Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst and author of Surviving Cyberwar speaks at conferences, customer events, seminars, and internal sales events world wide. He has presented in 28 countries on six continents. Contact for all speaking related questions. Read more here.

-Webinars. An IT-Harvest analyst participates in your online events.

-In house seminars.  Engage us to teach your IT, marketing, and executive teams on the state of threats and advanced cyber defense methodologies.

-Content creation. IT-Harvest writes and produces guest blog posts for sites that need to have quality, actionable content.

-White papers. In depth reports on security technology are produced.

-Strategic engagements. We advise on product strategy, M&A, marketing strategies, and influencing influencers.

-Due Diligence.  IT-Harvest is brought in to evaluate product technoloiges and business models as well as competitive positioning. Our clients include Private Equity and venture capital funds.  We provide the domain expertise that allows financial teams to avoid market surprises when investing in new or established companies.

-Annual Analyst Access. You can retain IT-Harvest for on-call access. Briefings, industry events, major news interpretation, and technology developments are just some of the benefits you get from having anytime/anywhere access to the analyst.

-Video production. IT-Harvest can produce custom videos. Several times a year we set up a studio at major tech conferences and shoot a series of interviews with Richard Stiennon. The final product is delivered to you as well as posted to and our other outlets. See over 80 videos we have produced here.

-Video white papers. In these 20-30 minute videos the analyst introduces a challenge, goes onsite to interview one of your customers, and wraps up by interviewing one of your executives. The final video can be built into your website or distributed as you see fit.

For more information on any of the services provided by IT-Harvest or to schedule a call with an analyst contact Richard Montoya, EVP Sales and New Business Development.

Email: For any services that do not involve speaking engagements. For speaking:

(O) 203-826-7056
(M) 203-313-3315

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