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Research and track the entire cybersecurity industry

Research and Report on the IT Security Industry

Produce original research and publish reports derived from a complete dataset on 3,230+ vendors.

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Investors in cybersecurity subscribe to quickly gain an understanding of the industry
Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Corporate Dev professionals have no better way to research and test an investment thesis than working with IT-Harvest.

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Search, Discover, Research, 3,500+ Cybersecurity Vendors.
The Analyst Dashboard is a SaaS tool for exploring the most complete and accurate database of cybersecurity vendors, updated continuously.
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Richard Stiennon: Getting to Know the IT Security Industry

I founded IT-Harvest in 2006 to cover the cybersecurity industry. Writing and publishing is a critical part of being an independent analyst. I am focused on tracking all of the 3,230+ vendors of security products.  I publish my research every year in the Security Yearbook. CISOs, educators, students and investors, use Security Yearbook to get a grasp of where the industry has been and where it is going. Get  it today.

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Deep research of the past and understanding the future of the IT security industry

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For anyone who wants to understand the cybersecurity industry

Security Yearbook 2022 is the most valuable resource created to-date for anyone who wants to understand the cybersecurity industry. The book is specially printed and bound to last a lifetime. It records the history of the IT security industry that will prove valuable for students or anyone new to the industry, either on the vendor/consulting side, or a practitioner that needs to understand the wealth of products available to address digital defense, operations, and compliance.

For the first time ever a complete history of the development of IT security solutions is presented in one place. The focus is on the pioneers in the space and the companies that arose from their efforts. Individual stories from these pioneers are presented in their own voice while the overall story of the space is recounted as it grew from modest beginnings to a $200 billion+ industry with over 2,640 companies.

See a catalog of technical non-fiction books published by IT-Harvest Press.

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Launched March 30, 2022!