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Skybox Security’s Gidi Cohen is a Big Believer in Data-Driven Security

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It’s not uncommon to hear an Uber-like startup – those operating in the so-called “on-demand economy” – announce a massive raise from any number of venture capitalists. But in order to draw that same level of investor trust in other fields (say, cybersecurity), you’ve got to have something really special.

Skybox Security definitely fits into that category. The company, which is led by co-founder and CEO Gidi Cohen, recently announced that it had raised $96 million from Providence Equity Partners.
“We’re big believers of data-driven security,” said Cohen, who sat down with Richard Stiennon for a one-on-one chat during the 2016 RSA Conference in San Francisco. He attributed the investor support to the company’s ongoing growth and success.

“We grew over 50% year-over-year for a few years in a row,” said Cohen, whose company is known for guarding an enterprise’s attack surface (the sum of all threats an organization may face) from malicious individuals. “We’re continuing to do so this year — and in a very profitable way.”

A Different Point of View

Cohen didn’t want Skybox to follow in the footsteps of other startups, which typically grow their top-line while enduring (and perhaps accepting) “a huge amount of losses like it doesn’t matter.”

“It got to the point where there’s actually an appreciation for companies that grow very well but can do it in a competent and efficient way, which is what Skybox has been doing for quite a few years,” said Cohen. “That was very noticeable in the industry and the financial markets.”

Cohen said that in Skybox’s specific space, the company is “uniquely successful” in capturing a significant part of the enterprise market.

“We are winning almost everything we’re competing on, in the markets due to the scalability, the platform capabilities and the visibility we provide,” he said.

Unique Analytics

Cohen is proud to speak about Skybox’s “unique” type of analytics.

“Our analytics is much more about modeling and simulation technologies that can actually put together all of those disparate datasets,” he explained. “There are different silos of data, firewalls, endpoints, vulnerabilities. We put them together with a technology that actually helps the organization understand what is exposed, what’s exploitable, what’s not, and how to deal with that.”

Cohen said that this type of analytics is something that Skybox has been doing for many years.

“We have quite a few patents in the space and it’s a very unique offering,” he concluded.


[IT-Harvest has initiated research into the firewall policy management space. Skybox Security, although it has a broader offering, is included in this research. A market sizing report will be available at]