The Entire Cybersecurity Industry

IT-Harvest is a data-driven analyst firm founded by Richard Stiennon.

IT-Harvest is an industry analyst firm founded by Richard Stiennon, former Gartner Research VP and industry executive. A “seat” with IT-Harvest provides access to the Analyst Dashboard, a web app that reveals data on 3,318+ cybersecurity vendors. Subscribers can consult with the analysts at anytime.

Secure Cloud Transformation

Stiennon is the author of several books

Stiennon is the author of several books, including Secure Cloud Transformation: The CIO’s Journey. See all of his books on his Amazon Author Page.

Research and advisory services for investors.

Stiennon has been advising corporate dev professionals, private equity, and VC firms, for over two decades. He provides insights on current trends, opportunities, and investment theses. He is often called upon to provide due diligence for M&A in the cybersecurity space.

First History and Directory of the IT Security Industry

Now available for pre-order: Security Yearbook 2023 contains a complete list of all the vendors that appear in the Analyst Dashboard. The series launched at RSA Conference 2020. This  history and directory of the IT security industry is already proving to be an essential desk reference for students, security veterans, investors, and researchers. IT-Harvest has developed a fulfillment service for direct marketing campaigns. 

As a result of our process for continuously tracking the growth and health of 3,318+ cybersecurity vendors we  publish market research on Substack.

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