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Security Yearbook 2021 is completely updated with all the changes to the cybersecurity industry in 2020. This essential desk reference belongs on your bookshelf next to Security Yearbook 2020.

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Identified as One of the Best Cybersecurity Books of 2021 by Ben Rothke!

The directory has been completely updated. 300 small vendors and two abject failures stopped supporting their websites in 2020. 600 new vendors were added, although only 13 high profile startups are listed. The Directory now contains 2,615 vendors of security products.

Two new stories of the pioneers of the cybersecurity industry have been added. Renaud Deraison, creator of Nessus, and Amit Yoran founder of Riptech and CEO of Tenable contribute their stories.

A new section has been added to track the performance of 21 publicly traded security vendors like Crowdstrike, Zscaler, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks.

Thanks to AGC Partners, Security Yearbook 2021 contains a complete listing of M&A activity for 2020.

There were over $10 billion in new investments in high-flying security vendors. A complete list and analysis of these deals is included.

The biggest difference in the directory  this year is that the percent change in headcount is listed for each vendor. This is probably the most important metric for quickly assessing a vendor’s health. Successful vendors grow.

Completely updated for 2021


This is an update to Security Yearbook 2020 which recieved these accolades:

Security Yearbook 2020 was launched at RSA Conference 2020 February 24. The reception was enthusiastic.  Bob Gourley, former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency and co-founder of cybersecurity strategy firm OODA, had this to say:

“I can give my personal endorsement of this book to anyone in the  cybersecurity business. It provides the history of this market in an  easy to read and compelling way that can help us all better understand  why things are the way they are.”

Read his complete review here.

Hugh Taylor, writing for the Journal of Cyber Policy had this to say:

Security Yearbook 2020…offers a well-written and extremely thorough look at the history of the cybersecurity industry. It’s also a fun, useful book.

And Byron Acohido, renowed cybersecurity journalist and Pulitzer prize winner, was kind enough to forshadow:

I can’t even imagine what Security Yearbook 2025 will tell us.

Ben Rothke, a prolific reader and reviewer of security books had this to say in his 2021 roundup of the Five Best Information Security Books of 2021

There are countless books on security tools, technologies, and concepts. But Richard Stiennon’s book is unique because it is about the security industry itself. For those that want to understand the massive and continuously fluctuating information security space and the history of the people and companies who comprise the IT security industry, the Security Yearbook 2021 is a great introduction.

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