Direct Marketing With Security Yearbook 2020

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Thanks to an inquiry from a tech reseller in Canada back in March, 2020, IT-Harvest has developed a book fulfillment service for direct marketing projects.

Here is how it works: You provide us with a list of names and mailing addresses. Also create a one page PDF with your message to the recipients. This can be a full color brochure or simply a letter.

Note that the best practice is to have your team reach out to each recipient and ask for their home mailing address. This gives your sales people a touch point and ensures that the recipient gets the package. During Covid-19 most security executives are not visiting their offices to pick up mail.

You can also create a landing page, as you would for any lead-gen material, and feed us the mailing addresses.

Offering a copy of Security Yearbook 2021 to all the attendees of your online events is a great way to increase response to your current campaigns.

Our warehouse in Warren, Michigan, is set up to process all orders in any quantity the same day.

For one-offs or to test the impact just go to to order a copy shipped to any address.

For all inquiries please email He can work with you to get it done today. 


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